Sunday, October 01, 2006

Weddings Worries and the World Wide Web

I have volunteered to get all the music together and be the deejay for a friend's wedding next Saturday. I love music, I'm fine hamming it up into a microphone, and I can point and click on music files with the best of them. Its my opinion that music can make or break the wedding reception-so hopefully I wont screw it up :}

The submission for my first full length romance-Lifting the Veil:New Beginnings...was given to EC one week and two days ago {but I'm not counting}. It is the first of a series of four stories-all fully their own but interconnected-in the paranormal/erotic romance genre. I would have to make the first story an simple boy meets girl for me {not that that story is ever simple:} No, I need Faeries-Tuatha De Danaan no less, Lycans and Vikings...oh and lets throw in some ancient gods, a few enchanted objects, a little dimensional physics, some down and dirty sex...and alot of laughter. I know I laughed while I was writing. I had no idea my characters would do some of the things they did, or have the personalities they ended up exhibiting.
Now the hard part is the waiting. I just have to move on and get my mind off of it-and I am. Now that the muse has been loosed-I had to make a new file just for the story ideas that have been roaming through my mind. And I have to finish Book #2 of the series.

Now for my nemesis-the website. I dont know html or sql or whatever the heck initials make up the magick formula that creates the sites I wander through on a daily basis. The web just air, like the weather, like taxes. But I was wrong about the tooth fairy too.
I dont know where or if or how to make a banner. I dont know how to make a blog skin {poor skinless blog} and I certainly dont know how or where to put or where to start making my website. Some Divas from RD have thrown some info my way-and I am stubborn so I know eventually I will figure it out. And I will have to. I have visions of what I want my site to be-to look like. I may have to compromise {one of my least favorite words-the other is settle}, but I will get as close as I can to what I want.

I guess thats all for now



Blogger Jen said...

I don't know ANYTHING about websites and such. I have a few Divas I rely on for that info. Luckily, one of them agreed to be my webmistress. You'll find all you need. Hang in there.
Congrats on the sub. Waiting totally sucks. You can do it. Great blog.

4:53 PM  
Blogger immi said...

Welcome to Blogland! Your poor skinless blog sentence made me giggle. And I always see the web as like air as well. It's totally weird to think that all these web pages are actually stored on big computers somewhere, because what I feel is that they're just floating around.

3:35 AM  
Blogger Babe King said...

Welcome to blogging and good luck with your MS.So what does RG stand for? Really gorgeous? 'Cause if it does I'll have to hate you on principle, okay? :-)

5:39 AM  
Blogger Diane said...

Great blog. Have fun with it.

6:18 AM  
Blogger R.G. ALEXANDER said...

Thanks Guys :}
Babe-LMAO-I wish I could tell you that it did {although I wouldnt want you to hate me}or that it stood for something punny and clever. Alas it is just my name. Not very creative of me I know :}
P.S. I really like your little virtual mini babe!

9:01 AM  

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