Monday, April 23, 2007

Your Reporter on the Scene

Okay gang, tomorrow is the day. The Houston Hyatt will be swarming with romance writers, fans, publishers and male cover models. Divas to the left of me, divas to the right. Costume balls and activities every night for a week.

And I'll be here...right here...outside the hotel since I couldnt afford the fee this year. Sigh. But I will get to see a lot of my good friends for dinner, maybe hang out in the bar once or twice.

And I'll let all of my other friends in on the peripheral info. Who knows what famous authors dressed in wings and fishnets might be walking down the hall? Maybe a male model will straggle into the bar shirtless-could I be that lucky?

Anyway, hopefully this allergic reaction that has caused one side of my face to swell so irritatingly will go down by tomorrow, so I wont scare those shirtless Romeos away. :)

Safe flights to everyone in the air tomorrow. And happy writing to the rest of us.


Blogger Rhian / Crowwoman said...

WWWAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! (laying head in arms) ALL Alone!!!! SOB!

4:45 AM  
Blogger L.K. Campbell said...

Keep us posted. I couldn't afford to go either. Maybe one day, I'll break open my piggy bank...

6:29 PM  

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