Friday, June 01, 2007

Cool New E-Mag Out Today!

The first issue of this interactive magazine for romance writers and readers is now available for pdf download at Cobblestone Press, LLC. Writing articles, agent, author, and cover model interviews, a featured site spotlight, and short fiction romance, this magazine has everything a writer or reader could possible want from a romance magazine! And the best part is the affordable price! Just $1.50 an issue!
Cobblestone Press, LLC strives to offer readers quality products at affordable prices and to provide authors resources and opportunities to reach their readers. The CPQ Magazine is designed to continue those efforts, to provide entertaining features, quality fiction, and informative articles for those who download the magazine.The goal of CPQ is to connect readers and authors as well as to spotlight other interesting areas of the industry. It is our desire to offer an interactive magazine that is fun, informative, and appealing to those who appreciate quality and class.
Pick up your issue today by visiting
Some of the features in the first issue:CPQ Features~Reader Review by Debbie E.: Healing Heather ~Featured Web Site: The Critique CircleCPQ Interviews~Agent Interview: Jessica Faust~Artist Interview: Sable Grey~Author Interview: Leanne Karella~Author Interview: Anisa DamienCPQ Fiction~Coming Clean by Kristen Painter~Wereplanets: In the Flames by Crystal Jordan CPQ Articles~E-Publishing: The Alternate Starting Line by Shelli Stevens~The Importance of Research in the Modern Contemporary Romance by M.E. McCombs
Our goal is to provide the BEST magazine out there for romance readers and authors. Every image is a clickable link. Every advertisement has hot spot links that can take you right to your favorite author’s website. Even the video book trailer plays upon click! CPQ Magazine isn’t JUST a magazine, it’s an experience.


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