Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm leaving on a jet plaaaaane

Well, I have to say goodbye to my computer. Its very sad. Seriously I'm an addict and I'm not sure what I'll do without it.
Or any of you.

On a happy note Cookie and I are headed to The Feisty's house on Wednesday morning! Woohoo! Crack O' Dawn
I cant wait to see her and her family.
I may get to sneak onto her 'puter occasionally to see what everyone is up to...but I probably wont be blogging until I return.

I do have a fun fact for those of you that aren't already fixtures at Romance Divas. There is a kickass NGTCC or Not Going To Conference Conference.
Romance Divas NGTCC

The prizes and visitors they've been talking about really makes me wish there were two of me, so I could stay home lol

Go check it out www.romancedivas.com


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