Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Clad in Fuzzy Socks-Anything is Possible

I am in a cleaning frenzy today, much to my vacationing sister's chagrin. She went to see a movie while I take down my poor dying tree {next time I am getting a potted tree and planting it in my yard-I feel guilty}. I am cleaning in order to get to organizing. I spent last night going through my inspirational quotes from famous women and my 2007 Novel & Short Story Writer's Market {thank you mom!}
Going along with the theme of my New Year's Resolutions, I am beginning to learn about the business end of this creative career.
Part of that is getting my head-and my desk-straight.
I feel better than I have for the last few months though. I feel like I can conquer mountains, leap tall buildings-anything is possible in my brand new, toasty warm fuzzy socks.
Once the cleaning is done, I'm planning on figuring out how to put other diva's books on my blog {over on the side}. I've been wanting to do that for a while now, I'm just all about getting all my plans-even the little ones-into gear now.

Anyway, I'll check in later-Hope everyone had a GREAT Christmas. What was your favorite part of the day?


Anonymous Toni Sue said...

Hmmm, sounds like you need to look underneath your shirt and see if there is an 'S' on your chest ;) Congrats on organization!! That is one of my new years resolutions as well! I'll look to you for my inspiration, so keep me posted :)

3:57 PM  

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