Monday, February 25, 2008

Last Week of Promo-Another Musical Homage

It is the week you have all been waiting for. The week of.....The Feisty.

You heard me. Lillian Feisty has another release-and it shouldnt surprise any of you to find out that this unique and amazingly talented author's latest endeavor is releasing on Feb 29th.

Keep an eye out-she should have an amethyst hiding somewhere on her website.

Now as per usual for Poetry Monday-I am writing a book review to musical lyrics. Its not to Hedwig and the Angry Inch-because I wasnt as familiar with the songs (sorry Feisty)

I decided since I did two to Phantom-I would do two to The Rocky Horror Picture Show-since I KNOW for a fact that Feisty loves it.

So here is my homage for I Love Lacy, to the tune of Damn It Janet :) sung by her characters Mason and Lacy

Mason: Hey Lacy, I've got something to say

I really loved the...crazy way, you called me just the other day

Your voice sounded frantic and spacey (Lacy)

But because I'm the local Dick Tracy (Lacy)

I figured I'd just take your case-y (Lacy)

I've one thing to say and that's-Damn it, Lacy-I love you!

Lacy: Your scent set my heart right to racin' (Mason)

And while all the bad guys we're chasin' (Mason)

I'm thrown by the facts that I'm facin' (Mason)

That you are my match and that Damn it, Mason-I love you

bridge: Because I am Aromatherapiannnnnn

My sense of smell says all I need to knoooooow

your handcuffs are the ones I want to be iiiiiiin

Oh M-A-S-O-N I love you so-oh-ohhhhhhh

Mason: I like that you're kinky and racy (Lacy)

though sometimes you seem outerspacey (Lacy)

I'll do my best just to keep pace-y (Lacy)

I just want to say I'm insane, Ms Kane, for you tooooooo

Lacy: Oh Mason

Mason: Oh hell!

Lacy: I'm ma-ad

Mason: I can tell

Lacy: For you

Mason: I love you toooooooooo.

Both:There's just one more thing left to do-o-oooo.

Thats tell everyone along the way (Friday)

A Feisty books four more days away (Friday)

And once you have read her you'll not stray (Friday)

You'll squee and you'll have to say Damn it, Feisty-we love you!

Mason: Damn it, Lacy

Lacy: Mason...I'm mad

Mason: Damn it, Lacy



Blogger Eden Bradley said...

Damn it, Feisty! We love you sooooooo!!!!

12:58 AM  
Anonymous gwen said...

That post was a bit of a mind-flip.


1:28 AM  
Blogger Red Garnier said...

This is just AWEEEEEEEEEESOME!!! Feisty, Feisty, rah rah rah! I want to read I LOVE LACY right nooow! :)

R.G. you are so talented. Hugs, gals.

7:45 AM  
Anonymous gautami tripathy said...

Great promo..


8:35 AM  
Blogger Crystal Jordan said...


Feisty was the first person to ever show me that movie. She de-virginized me, the dirty girl.

9:26 AM  
Blogger Susan Helene Gottfried said...

RG, that's fantastic. I really admire the way you can put something coherent to an existing rhyme pattern -- AND make me laugh out loud at the bit about the handcuffs.

That rocks.

9:54 AM  
Blogger Lillian Feisty said...

I see you all shiver in antici


for my next release!

R.G., I'm just mad for your music.

10:32 AM  
Blogger Christine d'Abo said...

LOL Love it!! And I can't wait for I Love Lacy to come out on Friday!

11:15 AM  
Blogger julia said...

'I'll do my best just to keep pace-y (Lacy)
I just want to say I'm insane, Ms Kane, for you tooooooo'

This is fab-tabulous, R.G. You've got a real gift for these!

Congrats, Feisty, on your Friday release!

11:48 AM  
Blogger Karen Erickson said...

I loved it! And I love Feisty. And you too. **Smooches.**

3:17 PM  
Blogger Ann said...

That's too funny. Awesome post.
Congrats on the Friday release, Lillian. :)

10:31 PM  

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