Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ren Fest Faerie!

I am going to the Ren Fest this weekend-and as previously stated-I will not be the usual bawdy wench. There is nothing wrong with wenching-it has served me well and been good fun-as well as a glorious opportunity to take "the girls" out to a place they'll be appreciated.


I have ALWAYS wanted to be a faery. Dainty and ethereal, colorful and strange, old school or Gothic...I wasnt picky. Every year I said-NEXT YEAR I'll be slender enough, lose enough weight, to pull it off. Of course-chocolate being so readily available and my thighs being the paternally genetic nightmare that they year never came.

This year is all about trying new things-taking chances. This year I got the dress I made my sister wear at my wedding {the theme of which was slightly midsummer nights dream anyway} and it is lovely. I sewed leaves and vines and flowers all over the place-and got flowers and twigs for the crazy curly nest on my head...and VOILA-I am reborn into-if not a blonde and slender nymph-then at least a bountiful nature deva ala mother nature. :} I did a little dress rehearsal today when I needed a break from writing book two in my series and looking at my email for word about my ms or a job. Even I must admit it is not half bad. Though I cant make my elf ears match my real ears-and I have serious issues with that LOL

So wish me luck-for soon I am off to the Faire!


Blogger Missy Lyons said...

That sounds so cool. I have loved the renaissance faire. DO you work there? Since you dress up or just go visiting?

9:55 AM  
Blogger R.G. ALEXANDER said...

I just visit. They call me a "playtron" Like a patron, but I dress up. My family has never gone to a Ren Fest in normal clothing.I wouldnt know what to do with myself LOL.

12:00 PM  

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