Monday, December 18, 2006

Two Weeks Til New Years

Regardless of when you believe the actual New Year is-I've been watching Dick Clark and that giant sparkly ball drop every January 1st for as long as I can remember. New Year has always stood for a fresh start, a new opportunity to heal a relationship, lose those pesky pounds, get that job you've always wanted. Its a time to put the old year away and bring the new one into play.

I have always made resolutions, but only rarely have I looked at the end of the year to find I kept them. And that is a shame. And its something I plan on working on with a vengeance.

I have two weeks to prepare.To make my resolutions resolute :} So I am going to look at my goals or talk about them everyday in one way or another in order to solidify them in my heart and mind.

1. I am a writer, in 2007 I will continue to write full time, will have all of my works published and well received, and will put out at least 6-8 books by 2008.

2. I will let my husband, family and friends know that they are loved and cherished every day, all year long. I will never let misunderstandings or conflict cause future regret or seperation from those who have my heart. I will be loving and demonstrative in 2007

3. I will not let my confidence rest in another's hands. I believe in myself, and other's judgments of my work or my life decisions do not affect me in a negative way. I will be brave and secure in 2007.

4. I will procrastinate less and be more organized. I will know where everything is, what I owe, what I need, and what must be done-and then I will do it in a swift and thorough manner. I will make lists and continue to make goals. I will put things on sticky's, on the fridge...I will not lose my glasses or my head if its not on tight enough. In 2007 I will be on the ball.

5. I will continue learning and growing as a person, using my mental faculties, increasing my potential. I will learn at least 2 things I didnt know in 2007. A language or a technology or a fact about cars :} I will keep myself fresh and alert, keep those neurons firing in a positive way. My spirit will soar and my mind will be elevated.

6. I will learn all that I can about the business of writing. I will learn about editing {a subject that I apparently stink at} and web sites and promotion and pitching, about agents and contracts and outlines etc. I will learn how to be successful at my chosen craft in 2007.

7. I wont make a weight loss goal. Those happen every year and only leave me feeling a failure when I dont hit them. Instead I will say that I will be healthy in 2007. I will be as strong and as agile and have as much endurance as I need and or want to have/be.

8. Finally, I will be successful in 2007. Whatever goal I set, monetary or personal. Whatever activity I attempt or job I apply for. Whatever I set out to do with determination and desire-I will do easily and successfully.

2007 is going to be a wonderful year. I hope for everyone.
I hope soldiers come home and more discussion about the environment and fixing health care and mending America's frayed realtionships with the rest of the world take place. I hope my family and friends are healthy, that no one is lost this year and that everyone benefits from the joy 2007 is sure to bring. I hope honesty and laughter and justice rule the day. I hope there are no Horrific Hurricanes or deadly Tsunamis. I hope 2007 is filled with quantum discoveries and amazing occurences.

May this be the best year anyone has had in a long long time. And may 2008 find that all my goals and resolutions and hopes have come to pass.


Blogger Michelle said...

I would like to take pretty much all of your goals and make them mine. Wonderful, heartfelt post RG!

6:39 PM  
Blogger Robin L. Rotham said...

RG, you make my goals look pretty pathetic! :D I admire your drive, lady. I hope you accomplish all that you set out to achieve.

11:05 PM  
Blogger R.G. ALEXANDER said...

Thanks guys! I'm gonna give it my best shot. :}

9:38 AM  
Anonymous karen erickson said...

I don't do resolutions cos I never keep them!!!!

I love your list, though. Especially the "I won't make a weight loss goal" cos yeah I ALWAYS fail at that one. :)

6:01 PM  
Blogger Karen Erickson said...

I don't do resolutions cos I never keep them!!!!

I love your list, though. Especially the "I won't make a weight loss goal" cos yeah I ALWAYS fail at that one. :)

6:07 PM  
Blogger Rhonda Stapleton said...

Those are some fabulous goals. You go, girl! I'm pulling for you...

10:24 AM  

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