Sunday, November 05, 2006

A Sunday Kind of Love

I like lazy Sundays
They are rare, but I love 'em. Staying in my p.j.'s for hours, hanging out at the computer and fiddling around the house.
The next few weeks are about to get crazily hectic. Mom's surgery, writing writing writing, wedding reception in my backyard, writing, spending time with my new addiction {thank you so much Lisa!}, writing writing, and now yet another friend is in the hospital with a cancerous stomach tumor.
So I am enjoying the morning-imagining that everyone is well, theres no place to go and nothing to do. That the most strenuous work my body will be required to do is typing and going to the fridge for Diet coke and snacks to fortify me. That I can take a break from that labor to lie on the cool grass in my backyard and watch the birds and the squirrels fight a bloody war for squatter's rights in my two trees.
Maybe even take a nap.
Of course I know it wont last-but leave me my illusions :}


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