Friday, September 12, 2008

Riding The Storm-And A Great New Release!

I'm probably going to be out of the loop for a few days-IKE is circling. But before I went to hide with my canned goods and wading boots, I wanted to tell everyone about a fantastic new release by one of my favorite authors Karen Erickson
Hidden is now available for your reading pleasure at Ellora’s Cave.
Book one in the Sin City Shifters series.
As a shadow dancer, Daisy titillates the ever-growing crowds at Swank Hotel’s upscale Seduction Lounge. When Sebastian Collins attempts to steal her away to save his own failing business, she declines. Even in a city of freaks, she stands out. At Swank, surrounded by her own kind, Daisy’s safe.
But that doesn’t stop her from being intrigued by the sexy club owner. With a little help from her bartending witch friend, Daisy transforms long enough to steal several orgasmically delicious hours with Sebastian. Afterward, he’s desperate to see her again — but the real Daisy might be too hot for Sebastian to handle.


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I heart you. Stay safe and hopefully out of Ike's path!

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