Saturday, March 31, 2007

Time to Read!

If you could be kidnapped by any man...who would it be?Wonder why Tawny Taylor is asking that question? Her first ebook release of 2007 has just launched, and she's oh so thrilled! Her first book of 2007 is the launch book of a new series: Passion Unbound. The Passion Unbound series is about women who are kidnapped by the heroes in their favorite erotic romance novels.Wouldn't that be wicked-fun? Tawny came up with the idea after reading some posts on a reader's loop. So many readers develop feelings for the characters in their fave books. They fall in love with the heroes. They see themselves in the heroines. She wondered what it might be like to make those figurative connections real--to watch someone actually live within her favorite book, to face the heroine's struggles and pain, to fall in love.Anyway, here's the blurb for the first story, Wild Nights. Note: this book is a menage a trois romance with m/m/f and m/f/m sex scenes.Passion UnboundAnd thus it was from the beginning of time. Two knights. One bride. They whispered their story to The Chosen, a human endowed with the gift of Hearing... The Chosen wrote the story and released it into the human world.The bait was set. The spell was cast. And then they waited... (An excerpt from the Ierd Kimeno, the sacred text of the Twelfth Knight Brotherhood)Wild NightsSecretary Maggie Dunning loves her romance novels. Her favorite -- Conquered by the Knight, the story of two dominant, sexy shapeshifters, Xander and Bastien. To be possessed by two powerful Masters? Heavy, happy, lust-filled sigh!But that’s just fantasy. It could never happen in real life... right?Little did she know that a paper cut and a few muttered words would make all her fantasies come to life, including the hunky Xander and Bastien. One minute she’s cozy in bed sleeping, the next she’s dragged into a world she’d thought only existed in her imagination, to face her most secret desires... and her worst fears.Bastien and Xander have their own challenges to face -- a crime to investigate and a dangerous threat to the Twelfth Night Brotherhood to uncover. But they won't let that stop them from seizing their fascinating new bride and introducing her to the ecstasy of complete surrender.Buy Wild Nights HERE*~*~*~*~*Now, what's your answer? If you could be kidnapped by any romance hero, could actually live your favorite romance story, which one would it be? Tawny would love to hear your answers! Feel free to post them on her blog.Tawny*~*~*~*~*~*~*Vampilicious Erotic RomanceSassy, Sexy Romance

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

13 Magical/Scientific Inventions I Wish Existed To Make My Life Better

Thirteen Things about RG

1. A sentient shower/bath that magically removes all unwanted hair from my body-pain free and easy

2. A personal transporter {really really want this-and I think people are working on it}

3. Neuro-downloader-okay it needs a cooler name but think Matrix. Every language {Gaelic, Hebrew, Sanskrit, Greek etc}, quantum physics…kung fu-just there in an instant. That would be lovely. Sigh. As long as crazy squid robots weren’t after me and I didn’t have to shave my head.

4. Holodeck-okay I really like Star Trek technology. Can you imagine actually playing the heroine in one of your own spicy stories? I could definitely see myself getting addicted. I would so have Crystal Jordan’s Wereplanet series as a regular program. ;)

5. Time Travel device-research would never be the same. Imagine spending a week watching the Pyramids being built, finding out what really happened to the people at Roanoke, or seeing if Atlantis did indeed exist? Heck-for a writer-the purchase would probably be a tax write off.

6. I have read many a scifi romance that gave the heroine lovely beauty products-things that automatically changed your hair color, eye color, heck even your breast size. I’d like one of those for my hips. Oh and makeup that wouldn’t run, smudge or come off until you wanted it to. ;)

7. A magical device that gave you the ability to know when people were lying. People can fool a regular lie detector, plus you can’t carry that heavy thing around with you everywhere-it would be awkward. Oh and it would show everyone in the nearby vicinity that that person was lying-maybe it would automatically dye them a sickly green color. Just imagine-politics would never be the same.

8. A replicator that made the most delicious food you could imagine but took out all the unnecessary fat and calories. {Would end world hunger AND everyone would look fantastic in a bikini}

9. A spell that would cure all diseases {all human, animal etc-thank you Crys-very good idea-I feel better thinking of others lol}

10. Hammer Space-You know those cartoons where some guy gets angry at another guy who is being absolutely ridiculous-and they pull a giant rubber hammer out of thin air and bop that irritating person upside the head? Sometimes I want that…is that wrong?

11. Star Trek again-Roddenberry was a genius. A Universal translator. Except I would include within its capabilities animal-speak and baby talk.

12. Dream recall machine-like a camcorder-only it records your dreams while you sleep and you can watch them unfold like a movie when you wake in the morning. That would be interesting.

13. Finally-a watch that can slow, stop, or speed up time. Dangerous I know, but occasionally-if you are enjoying a quiet bath or waiting for an email that is taking forever-it would be a good thing to have handy.

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

13 Phrases I've Never Heard

Thirteen Things about RG

1. Umm...could you move over? You're too tall and you're blocking my view.

2. I envy your organizational abilities.

3. Its okay if you're an A cup, miracle bras can create cleavage.

4. I know how much you love math, could you help me with my taxes?

5. I just wish you could be more...I don't know...impulsive.

6. Eat something! You're far too skinny.

7. Can I borrow your curling iron?

8. Applied correctly, this lip liner could create the illusion of fuller lips.

9. You're so domestic!

10. You're too realistic, it's called daydreaming-give it a try.

11. I want you on my {insert sport here}team! You're a true athlete!

12. I know, I know-you look great in that thong bikini-but do you have to wear it to the grocery store?

13. You're such a morning person...and without a single cup of coffee.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Meet Regina

It all started with a silly game on the computer. Lisa Pulliam bit me-and I became a vampire fighting Werewolves in a strange new land. Okay most of the time I was in the graveyard earning gold-but that's not the point.
As a Vampire clan of authors-we all decided to write our stories. What kind of vampires were we? Where did we come from? This way we could say we were writing-even though we were goofing off.
So I became Regina-Reggie the Gypsy. I really got into the story, found an avatar-this pic which is from an artist named Victoria-something {sorry I googled randomly-but I really love it}-got really into it. As I stared at her pic and wrote her story-her theme song played in my head. Interestingly it wasnt NIN or Evanescence-it was Ben Harper-a kind of funky/folky/bluesy artist-and the song was a heart tugging ballad called "She's only happy in the sun" I know she's a vampire-but it seemed to work for her.
I played the game for a bit-the song and Reggie's face haunting me. A few days later I had a dream-Regina was running from someone horrible-a Were-pretty powerful one too. She ran through the snow heading for this pub in England-a sanctuary for Vampires-Haven. I saw her walk in-and I heard the song-and I saw an image of Zander-her hero.
And that is how I began writing a vampire romance-when I swore I never would-and how I got tangled up in this WIP without end.
We get inspiration in many different ways-but this was the first time I was really bugged by a character-and let me just tell you-the Hero's brother Lux is a pain in my rear as well. The ham wants his own story like yesterday.

Anyway-how do you get inspiration for stories/characters etc? And have you ever had a character sit at your bedside singing "I'm Henry the VIII I am" until you gave in and wrote their story?

Sunday, March 18, 2007

I Am Official

My 5k short that I subbed to CPQ has just been accepted! Praise and thanks {and donuts} to Crystal my CP, without whom none of this would be possible. Actually going to have something with my name in a publication. And they are paying me for it. And did I mention I was going to be published? LOL
Thats all-I have no clever things to say...I'm a little stunned.
Okay a lot stunned. WAHOOO!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Can't Concentrate

I have parental arrivals and hopeful emails and this week is getting more Twilight Zone-ish by the second. And its only Monday!
Who can concentrate on editing or writing? Well, not me. At least, not today.
This is the craziest ride I've ever been on {on purpose anyway}-I love it-but its crazy. Brings out the best and the worst in me.
Creativity, imagination, determination {best}
Anxiety, Insecurity, Obsession {worst}
It says something that I still can't think of anything I want to do more.
I guess all I can say is-bring on the crazy. And if anybody has time-a good vibe or two would be appreciated {and if you have any available fingers-cross them for me} ;)

Oh and see my new avatar? Crystal made it for me. I love it! Its good to have gifted friends :)

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thirteen "Shiny" Firefly Quotes

Thirteen Things about Firefly

I've been thinking about the series Firefly for the last week or so, talking about it with friends, and it made me remember some of my favorite quotes. Of course there were quite a few more than thirteen...

1. Wash- "Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal."

2. River-"Oh and also-I can kill you with my brain."

3. Wash-"Here lies Zoe, my autumn flower, somewhat less attractive now that she's all corpsified and gross."

4. Mal-"I swear by my pretty floral bonnet I will end you."

5. Mal-"My days of not taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle."

6. Kaylee- "Yes sir Cap'n Tight Pants."

7. Jayne- "I'll be in my bunk."

8. Kaylee-"Is that him over there?" Mal-"No thats the buffet table." Kaylee-"How can we know unless we question it?"

9. Wash-"All of you men there go back inside or we will blow a new crater in this little moon."

10. River- " the latin."

11. Book-"...You're going to go to that special hell reserved for child molesters and people who talk in the theatre."

12. Jayne-"She is my very favorite gun...she's got a name, I call her Vera."

13. Mal-"Mercy is the mark of a great man, {sword poke} I guess I'm just a good man, {sword poke}...well, I'm alright.

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