Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Being Evil

I'm over at The Novelty Girls being evil.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Poetry train

From Your Brain to Ours-

I have a ritual I practice every day of every week
though I've been busy lately I still try to sneak a peek

Each entry filled with humor, filled with wisdom, painted bold and true
And now I find a year has passed-and so this ode is just for you.

Thank you for the Monday Train that helps me exorcise my rhyme
For your artwork that inspires-truly, deeply, every time.

Thank you for the goddesses and culture shared that feeds my soul.
Thank you for the laughter -for the sharing without vitriol

Your blog is home to all the wayward artists you have welcomed in
Your warmth has kept us coming back-time and time...and time again.

One phrase keeps repeating in my head as I sit taking stock
There is no other word for what you do-that is to say-

You Rock! :)

Happy Blogoversary Rhian!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Monday Poetry Train


I am in a fog of She felts,
He felts
as theys
and he saids
slaughtering my comma habit
leaving bloody trails of red
It hits me as I'm slashing, tearing, ripping through my info dumps
That every writer come before me had to take their share of lumps
So we all leave fragments
all leave sonnets,
slip on purple prose.
And we all must question what was seen amidst
all those-Althoughs
But I love it-every minute
Love the process ground to sky
And I am my own worst critic
though I'll ne'er give up LY!

©R.G. Alexander