Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thirteen Quotes for the New Year

Thirteen Things about RG

I got an inspirational quote calendar full of brilliant women saying brilliant things for Christmas-thought I'd share. :}

1.My whole idea in life is to cheer people up. Happiness is a habit.-Phyllis Diller

2.When you spend your life doing what you love to do, you are nourishing your Soul. It matters not what you do, only that you love whatever you happen to do.-Elizabeth Kubler Ross

3.Common Sense is seeing things as they are, and doing things as they ought to be.-Harriet Beecher Stowe

4.Although they are only breath, words which I command are immortal.-Sappho

5.Not knowing when the dawn will come, I open every door.-Emily Dickinson

6.Helping one another is part of the religion of our sisterhood.-Louisa May Alcott

7.The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do.-Sarah Ban Breathnach

8.Imagination and fiction make up more than three quarters of our real life.-Simone Weil

9.Dreams are necessary to life.-Anais Nin

10.We believe...that no one can live life to the fullest while sucking their stomach in.-Glamour 2005

11.The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me..-Ayn Rand

12.There's nothing better than a good friend, except a good friend with chocolate.-Linda Grayson

13.If there's a book you really want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.-Toni Morrison

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Clad in Fuzzy Socks-Anything is Possible

I am in a cleaning frenzy today, much to my vacationing sister's chagrin. She went to see a movie while I take down my poor dying tree {next time I am getting a potted tree and planting it in my yard-I feel guilty}. I am cleaning in order to get to organizing. I spent last night going through my inspirational quotes from famous women and my 2007 Novel & Short Story Writer's Market {thank you mom!}
Going along with the theme of my New Year's Resolutions, I am beginning to learn about the business end of this creative career.
Part of that is getting my head-and my desk-straight.
I feel better than I have for the last few months though. I feel like I can conquer mountains, leap tall buildings-anything is possible in my brand new, toasty warm fuzzy socks.
Once the cleaning is done, I'm planning on figuring out how to put other diva's books on my blog {over on the side}. I've been wanting to do that for a while now, I'm just all about getting all my plans-even the little ones-into gear now.

Anyway, I'll check in later-Hope everyone had a GREAT Christmas. What was your favorite part of the day?

Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Merry

This holiday I wish for you the wonder of the season
The food, the gifts, the friends, the songs, the smiling for no reason
The stockings stuffed, the tree all trimmed, the children all behavin'
The present pile so steep and high you fear there'll be a cave-in.
I pray you get all that you want and give all you'd been hoping
That theres time enough to sneak away for mistletoe and groping :}
And when the guests have all gone home and leftovers are chillin'
I hope that if you have the time at all and you are willin'
You take a pause to celebrate another great years end.
And cuddle under twinkling lights with lover, spouse or friend.

May Santa bring you all that you wish for!!!!

Happy Holidays

Monday, December 18, 2006

Two Weeks Til New Years

Regardless of when you believe the actual New Year is-I've been watching Dick Clark and that giant sparkly ball drop every January 1st for as long as I can remember. New Year has always stood for a fresh start, a new opportunity to heal a relationship, lose those pesky pounds, get that job you've always wanted. Its a time to put the old year away and bring the new one into play.

I have always made resolutions, but only rarely have I looked at the end of the year to find I kept them. And that is a shame. And its something I plan on working on with a vengeance.

I have two weeks to prepare.To make my resolutions resolute :} So I am going to look at my goals or talk about them everyday in one way or another in order to solidify them in my heart and mind.

1. I am a writer, in 2007 I will continue to write full time, will have all of my works published and well received, and will put out at least 6-8 books by 2008.

2. I will let my husband, family and friends know that they are loved and cherished every day, all year long. I will never let misunderstandings or conflict cause future regret or seperation from those who have my heart. I will be loving and demonstrative in 2007

3. I will not let my confidence rest in another's hands. I believe in myself, and other's judgments of my work or my life decisions do not affect me in a negative way. I will be brave and secure in 2007.

4. I will procrastinate less and be more organized. I will know where everything is, what I owe, what I need, and what must be done-and then I will do it in a swift and thorough manner. I will make lists and continue to make goals. I will put things on sticky's, on the fridge...I will not lose my glasses or my head if its not on tight enough. In 2007 I will be on the ball.

5. I will continue learning and growing as a person, using my mental faculties, increasing my potential. I will learn at least 2 things I didnt know in 2007. A language or a technology or a fact about cars :} I will keep myself fresh and alert, keep those neurons firing in a positive way. My spirit will soar and my mind will be elevated.

6. I will learn all that I can about the business of writing. I will learn about editing {a subject that I apparently stink at} and web sites and promotion and pitching, about agents and contracts and outlines etc. I will learn how to be successful at my chosen craft in 2007.

7. I wont make a weight loss goal. Those happen every year and only leave me feeling a failure when I dont hit them. Instead I will say that I will be healthy in 2007. I will be as strong and as agile and have as much endurance as I need and or want to have/be.

8. Finally, I will be successful in 2007. Whatever goal I set, monetary or personal. Whatever activity I attempt or job I apply for. Whatever I set out to do with determination and desire-I will do easily and successfully.

2007 is going to be a wonderful year. I hope for everyone.
I hope soldiers come home and more discussion about the environment and fixing health care and mending America's frayed realtionships with the rest of the world take place. I hope my family and friends are healthy, that no one is lost this year and that everyone benefits from the joy 2007 is sure to bring. I hope honesty and laughter and justice rule the day. I hope there are no Horrific Hurricanes or deadly Tsunamis. I hope 2007 is filled with quantum discoveries and amazing occurences.

May this be the best year anyone has had in a long long time. And may 2008 find that all my goals and resolutions and hopes have come to pass.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Nothing is working this week! My favorite sites, my gadgets, my usual distractions.
I cannot speak to my friends about something that disturbs me and that has made me think perhaps I need to think it through a bit more- to not be in too much of a rush to fly off the handle-make impulsive decisions as is my want.
So I'll just have to focus on my writing, on my family, on the last little bit of self coddling required to get me better after my marathon of a cold. Do some Christmas shopping!!! Or Christmas baking/inventing/pasting LOL as the case may be.

I feel so disconnected!Argh! LOL

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The List

MG did this post on her blog

And I just had to swipe it! Thanks MG-lets see how dull I am lol!

Highlight everything that you have done:

01. Bought everyone in the bar a drink
02. Swam with wild dolphins
03. Climbed a mountain

04. Taken a Ferrari for a test drive
05. Been inside the Great Pyramid-{I wish}
06. Held a tarantula
07. Taken a candlelit bath with someone
08. Said “I love you” and meant it
09. Hugged a tree

10. Bungee jumped
11. Visited Paris
12. Watched a lightning storm at sea
13. Stayed up all night long and saw the sun rise
14. Seen the Northern Lights
15. Gone to a huge sports game

16. Walked the stairs to the top of the leaning Tower of Pisa
17. Grown and eaten your own vegetables
18. Touched an iceberg
19. Slept under the stars
20. Changed a baby’s diaper
21. Taken a trip in a hot air balloon
22. Watched a meteor shower
23. Gotten drunk on champagne
24. Given more than you can afford to charity
25. Looked up at the night sky through a telescope
26. Had an uncontrollable giggling fit at the worst possible moment
27. Had a food fight

28. Bet on a winning horse
29. Asked out a stranger
30. Had a snowball fight
31. Screamed as loudly as you possibly can
32. Held a lamb
33. Seen a total eclipse
34. Ridden a roller coaster

35. Hit a home run
36. Danced like a fool and not cared who was looking
37. Adopted an accent for an entire day
38. Actually felt happy about your life, even for just a moment

39. Had two hard drives for your computer
40. Visited all 50 states
41. Taken care of someone who was drunk
42. Had amazing friends
43. Danced with a stranger in a foreign country
44. Watched wild whales
45. Stolen a sign

46. Backpacked in Europe
47. Taken a road-trip
48. Gone rock climbing
49. Midnight walk on the beach

50. Gone sky diving
51. Visited Ireland-{I REALLY wish}
52. Been heartbroken longer than you were actually in love
53. In a restaurant, sat at a stranger’s table and had a meal with them
Long story :}
54. Visited Japan
55. Milked a cow
56. Alphabetized your CDs
57. Pretended to be a superhero Mighty winds that blow on high-lift me now so I can fly-cause I'm Mighty Isis {broke my leg lol}
58. Sung karaoke
59. Lounged around in bed all day

60. Played touch football
61. Gone scuba diving
62. Kissed in the rain
63. Played in the mud
64. Played in the rain
65. Gone to a drive-in theater

66. Visited the Great Wall of China
67. Started a business
68. Fallen in love and not had your heart broken
69. Toured ancient sites
70. Taken a martial arts class

71. Played D&D for more than 6 hours straight
72. Gotten married
73. Been in a movie
74. Crashed a party

75. Gotten divorced
76. Gone without food for 5 days
77. Made cookies from scratch
78. Won first prize in a costume contest

79. Ridden a gondola in Venice
80. Gotten a tattoo
81. Rafted the Snake River
82. Been on television news programs as an “expert”
83. Got flowers for no reason
84. Performed on stage

85. Been to Las Vegas
86. Recorded music
87. Eaten shark
88. Kissed on the first date

89. Gone to Thailand
90. Bought a house
91. Been in a combat zone
92. Buried one/both of your parents
93. Been on a cruise ship
94. Spoken more than one language fluently
95. Performed in Rocky Horror
96. Raised children
97. Followed your favorite band/singer on tour
99. Taken an exotic bicycle tour in a foreign country
100. Picked up and moved to another city to just start over a zillion times
101. Walked the Golden Gate Bridge
102. Sang loudly in the car, and didn’t stop when you knew someone was looking
103. Had plastic surgery
104. Survived an accident that you shouldn’t have survived
105. Wrote articles for a large publication
106. Lost over 100 pounds
107. Held someone while they were having a flashback
108. Piloted an airplane
109. Touched a stingray
110. Broken someone’s heart by accident
111. Helped an animal give birth
112. Won money on a T.V. game show
113. Broken a bone or 5
114. Gone on an African photo safari
115. Had a facial part pierced other than your ears
116. Fired a rifle, shotgun, or pistol
117. Eaten mushrooms that were gathered in the wild {that was a crazy night lol}
118. Ridden a horse
119. Had major surgery
120. Had a snake as a pet
ex boyfriends-feeding it was gross.
121. Hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon
122. Slept for more than 30 hours over the course of 48 hours
123. Visited more foreign countries than U.S. states
124. Visited all 7 continents
125. Taken a canoe trip that lasted more than 2 days
126. Eaten kangaroo meat
127. Eaten sushi
128. Had your picture in the newspaper
129. Changed someone’s mind about something you care deeply about
130. Gone back to school
131. Parasailed
132. Touched a cockroach {I live in the south-and I wasnt always married-nuff said}
133. Eaten fried green tomatoes
134. Read The Iliad - and the Odyssey
135. Selected one “important” author who you missed in school, and read
136. Killed and prepared an animal for eating {a fish is an animal lol}
137. Skipped all your school reunions
138. Communicated with someone without sharing a common spoken language

139. Been elected to public office
140. Written your own computer language
141. Thought to yourself that you’re living your dream everyday since hubby...even more so when I finally get published.
142. Had to put someone you love into hospice care
143. Built your own PC from parts
144. Sold your own artwork to someone who didn’t know you{cd of my songs}
145. Had a booth at a street fair
146. Dyed your hair
147. Been a DJ

148. Shaved your head
149. Caused a car accident
150. Saved someone’s life

OKAY-I've been to England-but I really want to go to all these places on the list! Thanks MG-that was so much fun-and educational-I know now that there is so much more I need to do LOL