Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Funk in RG Minor

I'm over at The Novelty Girls today. And seeing you would definitely cheer me up :)

Monday, July 23, 2007

Poetry Monday

What I Wear

I want to wear a pair of low rise bad ass,
with a cute red sex kitten tank
Dont take no bull boots, polished to a shine
And a smile called I like to be spanked.
But all I have in my closet are hand me downs
Clumsy clothed apologies.
Though inside I sparkle with rage and renown
Outside I'm a buttoned up whisper of, "please."
For him in our room I can slip on some sexy
But when he is gone for the day
Its comfort food sweats and dont look at me tees
Think its time to throw those rags away.

I need to go shopping. :)

©R.G. Alexander

Thursday, July 19, 2007

13 Happy Thoughts

"Think of a wonderful thought...any happy little thought"
I was a tad blue-possibly post conference hohums-so I thought I'd do a good news TT.

1. Crystal Jordan got an offer from Kensington for In Ice {my favorite story btw}!

2. Eden Bradley just kicked some serious Playboy butt in a radio interview yesterday to promote her book The Dark Garden. YAY!

3. The Feisty has been invited to send her stuff to an AMAZING agent!

4. Last week I got to meet some wonderful friends from divas! {SELA ROCKS THE KARAOKE HOUSE!}

5. I experienced my first little taste of edits for my book and didnt have a heart attack! YAY

6. Tawny's daughter got married! Seriously-I still dont believe she's old enough to have a daughter legally able to wed.

7. Jennifer Leeland made her first book trailer and its cool!

8. Dayna sold another book!

9. Shelli won an SOM award at the PI luncheon!

10. I had my makeup done and got to wear a shirt that cost more than my grocery bill-Hello Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. :)

11. I havent worn shoes for five days-even when I ran errands. {my feet love me lol}

12. I'm almost done writing my third book!

13. And finally-most of you know but-I got my cover from Ellora's Cave!!! I love it! Here it is

Now I know lots of other people have good news, so lay it on me. Share your happy thought. :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm Back!

I'm over at The Novelty Girls today-still a bit foggy-still recovering. It was wonderful seeing everyone and I miss them already-but I must admit slipping my fuzzy socks back on and snuggling into my sweatpants felt gooood. Anyway, come over and say hi.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Poetry Train/So Long For Now

In several hours I'll pack my car
I'll drive away, not too too far
A four hour ride,a weeklong trip
I've never been, I dont know zip
Will it be crazy, busy, fun?
Will I pitch to someone ere its done?
My brows are plucked, my hair is dyed
I bought some Spanx {my hips are wide}
I'm meeting friends both old and new
Thats what I'm looking forward to
I wonder how this week will go?
When I come back, I'll let you know.:)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

13 Happy RWA CON Thoughts

1. Conference is 4 days away!

2. I get to see my girl gang!!!!

3. Sticky Bun!!

4. There's a chocolate martini with my name on it. {And I wont even almost spill it on Lisa this time-or break anything-thats my goal lol}

5. Did I mention my girl gang? lol

6. All my diva friends who are going-and all of those authors I love and hopefully will not squeal too loudly at or hyperventilate in front of when I meet them. I did okay with Lauren though :)

7. butterscotch martini {can we tell yet I have a sweet tooth?}

8. I actually had a good excuse to buy a few clothes even on our budget..."But honey-Conference!"

9. Diva dinner awards. I'm dying to know who is the most likely to be abducted by aliens.

10. Cheering at the Rita/GH awards. No Crys-I will not flash Gemma when she wins!

11. Going to the Ellora's Cave luncheon like a real author. That is tripping me out.

12. I may actually have my first sale ribbon before conference {if it gets here in time}

13. YAY!!! Okay thats not a reason-I just felt like saying it :)

I dont have a laptop so I wont be on a computer all week-I may suffer withdrawals! So no Poetry Monday or Thursday Thirteen-but some of The Novelty Girls are sticking close to home-and you'll also be getting regular updates of how the conference is going over there so check it out!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Poetry Monday

I was just having fun with this song when I wrote it years ago. Things you ponder when studying Mythology lol.

Creation Question

Do you think we’re all ants on a rock in space
Slowly floatin’ through infinity?
Marching off to our jobs in one mindless mob,
Goin’ nowhere for eternity.
Well we think we’re a superpower
Just because we don’t have tails.
But could it be we were made of clay-
Standing on the back of a turtle,
Sleepin’ in the belly of a whale.

Do you think we evolved from a simian race,
Or did it all start in the sea?
Now that the Big Bangs all the craze we wonder if God’s 7 days, Are the same as days to you and me.
Do you think we were sent from Mars
Came in jars
From the stars
In a test they knew would fail?
Or could it be we were made of clay
Standing on the back of a turtle
Sleeping in the belly of a whale.

Bridge: Well we’re all spirits, and we’re all souls
Yes that’s what I believe in, that’s what I’ve been told
Where did we come from, oh nobody truly can say
Where are we headed? Well that’s the question of the day

Do you think we were gods who just lost our way
And got caught up in this groove?
Do you think that we came from the Pleiades
And if we did why’d we have to move?
Do you think it’s a lottery
Pick A or B
And then you’ll see
With the right wind it could sail?
Or could it be we were made of clay-
Standing on the back of a turtle
Sleepin’ in the belly of a whale

©R.G. Alexander