Friday, May 30, 2008

When the Bird God Screams

EDITED: 6/23/08 -The story and pictures were sadly a hoax. Which is kind of sad. However, my sentiments haven't changed. So I think this blog post is still valid. Whatever reasons we find that they felt they had to do this, to save the area from further industry etc., I wish they would have gone about it in a different way.

I am surrounded on all sides by the modern
by civilization
My job and my dearest friends are all connected to me by something I cannot see or hold in my hands. It is not solid. Its this invisible cord of energy, a spiders web that weaves for me relationships and situations I could not even imagine before I experienced it first hand.

My husband takes for granted the magical device that allows him to pause a live television program.

Whats that? Local news? We have too many channels to remember that when we were young there were only four or five. We know about what is going on in Myanmar but had no clue that the apartment around the corner caught on fire.
Not that there is anything wrong with that, in fact its amazing.

Nothing is outside of my grasp. Knowledge not passed down can be Googled, people can be mobilized to join together in solidarity at the same exact time, regardless of timezones.

Then again

I dont know how to fix anything I own. I might remember how Survivorman started that fire in case I got lost in the woods, or the fact that you do something with lard to make soap. But I couldnt run any of the machinery that runs our world. And sometimes I think, when I see Mother Earth shake the dust off, or throw her powerful weight around, that were we to lose these trappings of civilization-I would be the first voted off of the island.

And then I see this:
The BBC reported last night that an uncontacted tribe had been discovered on the border between Brazil and Peru.
According to the Guardian, there are around 100
uncontacted tribes in the world. "Survival International estimates more than half are in the Brazilian and Peruvian Amazon."
The National Indian Foundation, a government agency in Brazil, took these photos and published them Thursday.
According to CNN,
"it tracks "uncontacted tribes" -- indigenous groups that are thought to have had no contact with outsiders -- and seeks to protect them from encroachment.
They have never seen the things that I have seen, but they could say the same of me. I think it is safe to say that our day to day lives could not be more alien to each other.
We show these pictures on the news and we are fascinated. How can there be a place in the world that our civilization hasn't touched? How arrogant are we?
"Survival International believes some tribes had contact with westerners around 100 years ago, during the rubber boom and subsequently decided not to engage with the outside world."
Maybe they have seen us, and decided our ways were beneath them. Maybe they've never seen a helicopter or small plane and believed it was a Bird God, a messenger with small humans in its belly, screaming out in rage.
It wouldn't be the first time. Look up Cargo Cults on the magical information gatherer Google.
So what is the point of this blog post? I was staring at these pictures of these beautiful, if shocked and disturbed people, and wondering who would have a harder time adapting to the other's world.
I have a feeling it might be me.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Novelty Day

Over at the Novelty Girls today. Talking about life lol

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tattoos and Things

I'm over at Eden Bradley's blog talking about my tattoos and things. Come over and check it out!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Everything Old Is New Again – Using Mythology in Romance
May 16, 17, and 18 at Romance Divas

1. P.C. Cast

2. Robin D. Owens

3. Gena Showalter

4. Nancy Madore

5. Lori Handeland

6. Alyssa Day

7. We'll be talking about using mythology, culture, fairy tales and folklore in romance! I'm completely geeking out! (this is my favorite topic)

8. It's free. Gotta love that.

9. ....did you see that list of authors? The fan girl in me is drooling.

10. Crystal Jordan and I, as the paranormal co-mods, are hosting the workshop and we would love to see everyone stop by!

11. If you don't belong to Romance Divas, its very easy to join, and even after the workshop, you'll be hooked on all this amazing site has to offer.

12. We have cookies!

13. Okay that last one wasn't true, but you really should come anyway. :) See you there!!!

It will take place at the Romance Diva Forum. All are welcome. To get access to the forum you will need to register.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


Thank you all so much for playing with us! And congratulations to all of you for doing so well!
We randomly selected two winners from our list of entrants and they are Julia and Cathy!!!!

I'll be emailing you two soon and sending one of these gorgeous pendants to you both by Friday.

Even if you didnt win this time-I hope you had fun too.

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Thanks again!!!

I've just been give a Recommended Read by Dark Angel Reviews for Lifting the Veil, my Ellora's Cave release! YAY!
So this is turning into a pretty great May Day/Beltane. :)

Also-I have an interview up at
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