Sunday, August 31, 2008



Congratulations Tamsyn, you've won the the month long Scavenger Hunt! I hope everyone had a good time, and found a new author or two to enjoy along the way.

I'll be emailing you soon to see which ebook you want, and to get you the $10 Amazon giftcard.

As for my September 17th release at Ellora's Cave, Piercing the Veil, stay tuned to my blog-you never know when I could have another contest. :)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Final Question and Recap

I have another critique partner. Her name is Robin L. Rotham. She is bar none one of the hottest, dirtiest erotic romance writers around today. And talented enough to NEVER sacrifice her characters and her story to the naughty bits. Luckily her characters are just naturally dirty lol

Her newest Ellora's Cave release, Carnal Harvest, comes out Sept 5th, and I have to tell ya, when I read it, I think I actually saw steam coming off my monitor.
CONTEST QUESTION #6-Robin exploded onto the erotic romance stage with a book about hot, horny men from space. I own it and I read it whenever I want to be reminded about what a truly top of the line erotic romance looks like. Name that book.
Look back over my contest questions (note: #5 says what other menage-lets reword that to-what other book with two men and one woman?) And then email me at with the answers. I'll let you know who won the $10 gift card to Amazon and a free ebook from my booklist tomorrow.
Good Luck!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

COUNTDOWN to CRYSTAL and Contest Question

I want to tell you about Crystal Jordan. She one of my dearest friends, a fellow smutketeer and my "Do EET" CP-that is-the Critique Partner with the mostest, the reason my Children of the Goddess series exists, and why I know what head hopping and info dumping really means and that I shouldnt do it.

More than that-she has had a pretty successful few years as an author. With online successes from publishers like Cobblestone and Wild Rose Press, Samhain and a new one coming out with Ellora's Cave...she's pretty much tamed that tiger. :)

Then at the 2007 RWA, she faced the lion and had it eating out of the palm of her hand, and today she finds herself with several Kensington Aphrodisia contracts, a Spice release, and enough nibbles from other publishers to make any fellow writer green. (except me-after she gets Mad Madam M that pool boy...its my turn!)

Her debut release-In Ice- Is one of the first stories I ever read, the one that made me fall head over heels in love with that magnificent worldbuilding genius brain of hers-will start shipping from Amazon THIS TUESDAY! (official everywhere release is Sept 1st) in the Kensington Sexy Beast V anthology-you can buy it now HERE.

That will be quickly followed in December by Carnal Desires, the other three stories in the fantastic world. In Heat, In Smoke, and In Mist.

Here's her new book video about the series

I want everyone to go to that link and buy those books! I am not steering you wrong, trust me. This world, these heroes...well all I can say is you'll thank me.

CONTEST QUESTION #5 When is Crystal Jordan having her first official booksigning? (extra credit if you're nearby and go say hi)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's Release Day!!

“Lux in Shadow” by R. G. Alexander Genre: ,
ISBN: 1-60504-136-X
Length: Category
Price: 4.50
Publication: August 19, 2008
Cover art by Anne Cain

Two mates. One sacrifice. It’s a challenge that could save them all…or destroy everything.

Children of the Goddess, Book 2

Because of his own carelessness, Lux Sariel lost his lover at the hands of the shaman Gray Wolf, and put his Trueblood family in grave danger. Now he’s been sent on a mission to find and protect his mortal enemy’s sister. His companion is Arygon, a sexy Alpha who won’t take no for an answer.

When the two men find Sylvain, a sheltered and innocent beauty with power beyond imagining, passions ignite—and suddenly none of them are certain of the future.

No one but the Goddess.

She has a plan that will change everything for Her children, Were and Vampire alike. A challenge that will fulfill the promise of what this unusual threesome have found together…or destroy them all.

Warning: This title contains Vampire and Were nookie, Were and Vampire nookie, Were/Vamp/Were nookie, hot nekkid man nookie….oh, hell—lots of nookie.
Read An Excerpt Online


Monday, August 18, 2008

My Menage Months/Contest Question

Tomorrow Book 2 of my Children of the Goddess series, Lux in Shadow, will be released from Samhain Publishing.

I'm pretty excited.

August and September are my menage months. Lux in Shadow is a bi-menage m/m/f

And then September 17th, Piercing the Veil, Book 2 of the Temptation Unveiled series, is a m/f/m menage
with my poor, cursed, sexy Vikings Val and Hawk from Book 1.

I'll talk more about them later though.

It really was pure coincidence that had both my menages coming out so close together. Just a twist of release date fate. But honestly they are two of my favorite stories so far, and no, not just because I happen to LOVE menage stories (though I do)

And it wasn't just because I was returning to familiar worlds in both, though thats always a treat for me.

I just really enjoyed walking with these characters for a while. Linnea from Veil and her determination to protect her child in the face of a truly insane situation

Sylvain and her enjoyment of the simplest of things, like a bubble bath, after thousands of years in hiding.

Finding out that Arygon was not the jerk I believed him to be in the first story. And that Lux wasn't quite as happy go lucky of a playboy as he seemed.

And the brothers Hawk and Val? Well, just finding out how their weird curse came about was fascinating for me. And then seeing how they'd evolved with it, how it didn't break them, made me admire them all the more.

I hope everyone enjoys them as much as I enjoyed getting to know them.

Oh and I'm planning on posting an excerpt from Lux in Shadow here tomorrow to celebrate its release.

Contest Question #4 Another author has a menage release at Samhain tomorrow-we're menage buddies!-Tell me who it is and the name of the book.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Another Contest Question

During this year's RWA conference, Jennifer Leeland was always there to make me laugh, give me index cards for pitch notes...just generally being amazing.

She had a release during conference as Jennifer McKenzie-Edge of the Storm

On the run for crimes he didn’t commit, Coast Guard Petty Officer Matthew Sands comes home to Dutch Harbor to find the truth. Signing on to a crab fishing boat was supposed to hide him until he could clear his name; instead he finds even more trouble, in the form of one Kelly Shannon.
Kelly is looking for her own answers. She’s on the hunt for a killer who robbed her of the first, and only, man she’s ever loved. What she finds on The Athena is more questions than answers - and Matthew Sands.
With the passion between them as wild as the terrain, can Kelly and Matt work together to uncover a ruthless killer? Or will the murderer find them first?
On the edge of the storm, survival is far from guaranteed.

"The Secrets She Keeps" will be out mid September so be looking for it. Here's the blurb
Tessa Aden has it all...a great job, good friends, and a fantastic boyfriend. She just has one problem, she's never had an orgasm during sex. When Zac misinterprets an Instant Message from a friend as a complaint about his technique in the bedroom, she'd rather let him walk away than admit her dark desires. Fearing she wouldn't understand his dominant nature, Zac Shandler gave up the BDSM lifestyle to be a part of Tessa's vanilla life. Yet he seems to be losing her anyway. Will Zac put his heart on the line to claim Tessa's love and finally force her to reveal the secret she keeps.

CONTEST QUESTION #3 On her home page, Jen has a quote from a well known author. Who is it?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Contest Question #2

At Conference I met two amazing women for the first time. Alexis Fleming and Lyn Cash

These ladies made me laugh, distracted me from my worries, shared recipes with my husband Cookie and invaluable info on this career of writing I find myself in.

Each fantastic authors in their own right, they've done something most close friends who live an ocean away from each other would never And they've pulled it off. More than once and flawlessly.

They have an EC release coming up in August called the Ring of Seduction. This is one no one will want to miss :)
Contest Question #2: Other than their upcoming EC release, give me the name of the July release where the two teamed up before this.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A Bit More on Conference and a Contest Question

I met some amazing people at conference. Some I knew from the Romance Divas forum and blogging. Some were new and quickly became fast friends.

Someone I've known from the beginning, someone I'm in the blog group TNG with is Loribelle Hunt.

She, along with several others since I'm a bit of a spaz, gave me confidence to pitch and meet with agents and publishers I might have shied away from otherwise.

She is funny, smart, the kind of person you want to watch your back in a dark alley. She's also an incredibly talented writer.

Contest Question #1: Loribelle Hunt just had a release with Liquid Silver Books called Invasion Earth. What is the Hero's name?

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Conference Hangover/Scavenger Contest

I'm back! I'm exhausted and a little sick, but I met some fantastic people in San Fran. Some new friends, some old friends. I wish I had more pics-but I'll put a couple up this week.

On to the contest! As some of you know, Lux in Shadow, my bi-menage and the sequel to Regina in the Sun, comes out August 19th! I can't wait!

Lux has already been Joyfully Recommended! Which was a wonderful gift to come back from conference to. :)

But I'm not the only one with August releases or special things coming up. So for my scavenger hunt, we will go on a little adventure together.

I'll ask you a question every few days about certain author's blogs, and on August 30th, you'll email me at and give me the answers.

The winner will receive a free copy of any book on my list and a 10 dollar gift certificate to Amazon, to use however you wish. (you'll probably want to buy more books...I know you. hehe)

So get ready. The first question will appear tomorrow on my blog.

Let the games begin...