Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday Thirteen Pimp Fest Song for July

Okay-so there are 19 instead of 13-I couldnt help it. You must all now sing aloud to the tune of My Favorite Things from The Sound of Music. {With some pics for inspiration :)}
Are you ready? Sing!!!!

Watch Me by Shelley and Show Me by Jaci,
I will admit are both sexy and racy
The Marian Kind by The Funny Babe King
These books will soon be your favorite things

Make Me Remember that Emma’s a must buy
Karen is Hard to Resist so I wont try
She is my Sticky Bun, my Summer Fling
These books will soon be your favorite things.

Anna is Sinfully Sweet, warm and tender
Will plans to make San Francisco Surrender
Unless James sends him his Cry Melusine
These books will soon be your favorite thiiiings

Hunter’s Mate and,
Falcon Hunter,
Anything You Want
That’s Jennifer Colgan,
Megan Hart,
Their talent’s hard nooot to flaunt

Wanna Play Trust and Dare with Gail and Shelli?
The Bond That Ties Us is stronger already
That’s all because of our good friend Christine
These books will soon be your favorite things

Bernadette’s U-4EA is almost here
The Threat of Darkness, Lauren’s, is without peer
Tawny keeps telling Dirty Little Lies
These books will all be for you in Julyyyyyyyy

It’s All About
The Fireworks

That’s what Lyric claims
And if you don’t check these books out right away
You’ve only yourselves to blaaaame!

Thank you for singing :)
Oh and I missed MG Braden last time-she had a story come out today/yesterday-
And July 6th-Dawn Halliday's Honeymoon Castaway

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I'm posting over at The Novelty Girls today. Come and see me. :)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Poetry Monday

Another old song. My own little time capsules lol

Little Black Box

My old lover
Locked his heart in a little black box-a
Long long time ago and
Threw away the key

He threw it into the ocean
Where it would never be found
The dark water, swallowed it down
Long before he met me

And, I guess I was foolish
To think I could win the prize and
I guess I was crazy,
To fall for his lies-when he said


Hold your breath just a little bit longer
Swim girl just a little bit stronger
Theres only a little bit farther to go oh oh
Part of me believes you can make it
The other part thinks that you cant take it
Prove which one is right and then I’ll know
If you deserve my love

I tried so hard
To keep us both afloat well
I was so sure I could
Prove my love to him

But somewhere along the way
My heart grew heavy and tired
Till it seemed all my dreams had expired
And the lights were growing dim

And I guess I was foolish
For all the lines that I crossed
I guess I was crazy
Trying to reclaim what I hadnt lost


Hold your breath just a little bit longer
Swim girl just a little bit stronger
Theres only a little bit farther to go oh oh
Part of me believes you can make it
The other part thinks that you cant take it
Prove which one is right and then I’ll know
If you deserve my love


I almost drowned
I was almost lost at sea
Until I finally realized just what he craved
He wanted to drag me down
To lift himself up a little more but
He never wanted to be saved.

Hold your breath just a little bit longer
Swim girl just a little bit stronger
Theres only a little bit farther to go oh oh
Part of me believes you can make it
The other part thinks that you cant take it
Prove which one is right and then I’ll know
If you deserve my love
If you deserve my love

You don’t deserve my love.

©R.G. Alexander

Thursday, June 14, 2007

13 Things R.G. Needs

Okay I cant stand it-I am totally copying Crystal's TT-it was too funny. For the record, the R in R.G. stands for Rachel-just in case you are wondering who I'm talking about ;) {Googling "RG needs"-did not work out at all funny wise lol}
Basically you Google your name and the word needs and list the thirteen random things that pop up.

1. Rachel needs to have blush that is very bright and colorful
I think thats a polite way of saying I look pale.

2. Rachel needs help when she enters Manhattan's meat-packing district to help three transvestite hookers find out who murdered one of their friends
umm....oookay. Sounds exciting!

3.Rachel strives to be the best she can be. She is easily encouraged by positive reinforcement and praise. Rachel needs guidance and normal supervision
I do need a little guidance occasionally but I dont think I need to be supervised. Feel free to praise me anytime, however.

4. rachel needs 2 get over herself and she needs 2 do it NOW! ...
Now look lady! What did I ever do to you?!

5. Rachel needs Netflix Friends
They dont have to be from Netflix, any friends will do.

6.Rachel: needs more caffeine
Do you know how much coffee I drink? I think I'm covered.

7.Rachel needs to refer to Web sites, manuals, and a variety of documentation
This is so true. Well it feels true. Vague. But true.

8.Rachel needs to set her sights a little higher
Okay-I'd like to rule the world. Or at least teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.

9.Rachel needs to be selfish when it comes to mealtimes
I think Cookie would disagree.

10.Rachel needs our prayers.
Amen! Okay Feisty I said that and immediately starting humming my ABC's and its all your fault! lol

11.I dont think Rachel needs to change herself in the least, she is cute and she knows how to dress.
Whoever you are...I love you.

12.Rachel Needs Your Help
No, thats okay. I'm fine...really. Dont I look fine?

13.Rachel needs a bit of fuelling up in the evenings because she needs lots of energy for the ...
For what?! Oh. hehe. Yeah. Thats true.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Poetry Monday

For my Cookie

"Write Good Sex Baby, I Love You"
reads the note stuck to my wall.
"There is coffee in the kitchen.
Drink some water, I will call."

How'd I ever live without him?
I inhale the coffee's steam.
He's my winning lotto ticket,
he's my living, breathing dream.

"How you feeling? How's the writing?
Work is fine the place is packed.
Tell me what you want for dinner,
I will make it when I'm back."

What did I do to deserve him?
I dont cook and I cant sew.
I am scatterbrained and flightly.
Yet he loves me, why? Who knows.

"Did you write good sex today hon?
Man, its good to see your face.
Will I read it? Sure, I'd love to.
Take a bite, how does this taste?"

He defends me from all comers
who would dare to doubt my goals.
He is brave and he is goofy
He's the balance in my soul.

So I hold him in the evening
and I tell him how I feel.
How I thank whoever sent him
How my love is true and real.

And he smiles as if I've given him
the world, the moon, the sky.
And I know that's all he wanted.
All he'll ask for till he dies.

After all the years of lonely isolation
pain and doubt
I hear "Write Good Sex, sweet baby."
And I know what love's about.

© R.G. Alexander

Thursday, June 07, 2007

13 Perceptions of Beauty

1. Chinese Foot Binding- An ancient tradition of binding the foot until it was unnaturally arched into the new moon or “lotus” shape, and would fit into the tiniest shoe. Was thought to epitomize femininity and the dainty and graceful foot of a woman. Protested adamantly, finally outlawed 1,000 yrs after it began, caused a number of painful physical problems. Now some still practice by choice, but no woman needs to do it to be considered beautiful.

2. Neck Coils-The Kayan of Mayanmar place metal coils around their neck from the age of 5 onward. The weight of the rings presses the collarbone down and elongates the neck, which has given them the name “Giraffe Women”. This is their perception of beauty adapted from a protective measure. Many younger tribe members have protested and removed their rings, though it is more about the massive tourism that has turned their people into a quasi human zoo than the dangers of the practice.

3. Surgery-it’s become a cultural phenom-put breasts in, suck fat out, nip, tuck, reshape, remold etc. There are some dangers, and sometimes it can be taken too far. The Thriller is gone. Sigh.

4. Lip Plates-there are a few tribes, particularly the Mursi of Ethiopia, who started to wear them originally to avoid being taken as slaves, and are pierced and plated around the age of 15. The plate, made of clay, is taken out when eating, but is considered beautiful-as is the scarification on their stomachs.

5. Tattooing-so many cultures find beauty in body art-including my own, that I may have to make another post about it. Permanent body decoration can symbolize rank, beauty, even an ancestral history. It is also considered highly spiritual and highly erotic.

6. Waxing/laser/shaving-yep, back to the hair issue. It has long been a belief that hairless skin is beautiful skin. The Egyptians shaved their heads and pretty much everywhere else-and wore beautiful wigs in public. We keep the hair on our head-but everything else is fair game. Our eyebrows must be plucked, legs shaved, even areas that few people will regularly see must now be waxed just in case {of course the invention of the thong bikini sort of hurried that evolution along.}
Psychologically, studied beliefs intimate that the hairier you are, the less evolved. A Neanderthal is hairy-Humans are not-thus we seperate ourselves from the ape man. {I don’t like this theory-but it also applies to men-don’t you automatically have a particular view of a man who goes to the beach without waxing the jacket of hair on his back?}

7. Body piercing- like tattooing, is one of the most widespread form of beautification. Several ladies I know either have, or are on their way to getting their noses pierced, looks lovely too I must say. It’s been around forever.
Aztecs, Mayans, Dogons, everybody was piercing something. A nose piercing in the left nostril made childbirth easier. A septum piercing the mark of a warrior. The tongue was in homage to the gods. Piercing the body with metal also repelled the demons. {Good to know}. And don’t get me started on genital piercing-that has been around for a while as well.

8. Make-up- Red dye, henna, these are a few versions of temporary body and facial art. We use make up. We use it hide blemishes and imperfections. To make our eyes seem bigger, our lips fuller and darker, to look younger or healthier. Its actually an enormous process and expense-and we don’t even think about its cultural implications. We do it for men, for ourselves, for the checkout boy at the grocery store. We do it to feel beautiful. But in one form or another-its been around a long time.

9. Muscles. We find muscles attractive-especially when they are all in the right places. Its that whole primitive thing. "He strong man. Got good genes." It is good for both men and women to be healthy and attractive to each other. And pics like these are certainly wonderful inspiration for those of us who write. ;) However, like everything else-we can take this too far. As I found out in my Google search{sheesh}.

10. Skull binding/cranial modification-African tribes, Incan tribes, several cultures have found this form of body modification beautiful. Ufologists have a field day with this one-saying-"We look for beauty in the things we see everyday. What the heck were these people seeing?"
Whatever their reasoning-the effort from birth through adulthood to acquire this unique head shape tells us that its important to them.

11. Transformation. Some people find animals beautiful. Some people feel such a kinship with the spirit of an animal that they wish they were one. Some people go that extra mile. Tattooing, surgery, implants, dental and lip modification. Beauty to them is either in their very uniqueness, or the opportunity to finally show on the outside-whats been hiding within.

12. Corsetting-been around a long time. Men and women have sought that Wasp waist-that handspan-at the price of their health, their spine, and their oxygen intake.
Dont get me wrong I love corsets. I think they are seriously sexy. And I certainly am willing to do a lot to make my waist look smaller. As long as I dont go so far that I get the vapors every five minutes or find I cant stand up without the help of one.

13. The final perception is mine: Laughter. Smiling and laughing make everyone gorgeous. A good belly laugh draws the eye, and rarely fails to bring a smile to the face of everyone within earshot. Its not only the best medicine-its also one of my turn ons. Happiness is sexy!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

TNG Tuesday

I'm over at The Novelty Girls talking about how I met my Cookie. Come and see me ;)

Monday, June 04, 2007

Poetry Monday

Dirty Pollyanna

I will be your blanket
But I will not be the rug you trod.
That rug you never thank it,
And you ground in dirt the way you clod-about
In thoughtless, heavy steps,
But I don’t begrudge you warmth at all
You may not ever push me down-
But I will never let you fall
I would put you out were you on fire, even burn for you
But I won’t be a target for your ire, though I have its true
Been foolish in the past with choices that my heart made when naïve.
I wouldn’t change those choices now, not for the world,
You can’t conceive
That kindness doesn’t equal weakness,
I have armor made of light
I hug your inner child till they submit and give up trying to fight.
It’s not the meek who shall inherit
But the kindest of the pack
Ahimsa is our battle cry,
Harming none our only tack
I can be gritty,
Wallowing in vice.
Just a dirty Pollyanna,
Naughty if you’re lucky,
But not ashamed of nice.

© R.G. Alexander

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Joyful Saturday

I am chatting all day over at Joyfully Reviewed today with the rest of The Novelty Girls. Love to see you there. There will be prizes, a little insanity, and some awesome excerpts. Come on over.

Friday, June 01, 2007

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